But yea I would love to see you scratch your head on the rest of these.

So lit is being remade?????

12:51 – Correction: Scar – Not Mufasa


No offense meant, but it’s pretty disappointing to see you fail to deliver entertainment πŸ™

Wait. That is…

I’ve taken largely to reading nonfiction, as I feel much of what I want to learn about is contained in such books. For example, I’m reading “The Myth of Sisyphus” by Albert Camus right now. Though, I’ve found a problem. it is terribly fatiguing to read some nonfiction books. I can hardly get through a couple pages of Camus’s dense prose before having little energy to continue. So much of it is incomprehensible..

When Rick Rolls himself

Why wouldn’t such society would reach tremendous heights? And just look back in ancient time, HINDUS ACTUALLY WERE THAT ADVANCED.

Instructive(with, using):

Never gonna say goodbye

That 8k dislikes are from Fox News

He needs dr phill one hour later he’s ded bow

I’m sure his high school students think it’s badass that he co-hosts a CrashCourse Series.

Id just stay quiet fuck that shit and if they talk like that to me 😈 death for you all

Why is this recommended to me? Dafuq

+Dhrubadeep Das Understanding native speech is difficult, but the KEY is knowing exactly what to listen for. Learn how native English speakers pronounce certain words and listen for that. For example, as I say in the video, “The kids could have been drinking the milk” will NOT be pronounced with stress on each syllable. If you think these words should be stressed, then you will not hear it because native speakers do NOT pronounce it that way.

My brain exploded already

@amberdog1130 brutus kills himself he only has his soldier hold the sword while brutus runs into it. the picture shown in this video while describing it is disieving. Cassius is said to kill himself because he makes his slave kill him and then his slave will be free. they both kill themself


Ahhhhhhhhhh in dieing x(


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