This was when the white house had class and respect can’t say that now and it’s sad

You are a very good teacher, Mr. Petrov. Lucky me finding your video right before the midtest. May u be in good health to be able to teach us always..Aamiin

There is a contagious disease/virus that only has one cure. 200 people have this disease and cannot be cured otherwise. The cure is located at a research facility, where the researchers refuse to give it up. I blew up the facility and killed the 150 innocent researchers that were presently working there. I retrieved the cure and saved those 200 carrying the virus/disease. Did I do the right thing by saving the majority?

Thanks Smrt English it’s very helpful

Something that I wrote a while ago best sums up my perception of depression, and where I’ve led myself.


Love is nothing more than chemicals to motivate reproduction although these guys are probably talking about that other “love” that isnt really love like the love for a pet its meaningless you can “love” any object i dunno what the fuck that “love” is just some weird thing like “this is mine” so you think its part of you and you dont want to lose it kind of like an arm or something

We want part 2!

More money should be invested in hard science, like Physics, and less in these bullshit

That involved sexual molestation of the mutilated boy and a complete misrepresentation of the facts.

The power of people 👏👊

Also what religion did the holy men Budda met in the wild follow


Am I the only one thinking about Luke Skywalker.

I imagine doing those exercises before an interview! Loved the talk anyway..

I like how the entire year was a rainy summer

I’m just wondering why Rick looks like my effing cousin…😂🔫

Hi Tracey, do you have any more videos for Level 5 please?

Buddha sucks dick for coke


>Well more than evolution.

Good future vision


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