I have yet to see Noam Chomsky on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN… Jeez I wonder why they don’t host him?

Now i’m waiting for Dovahzuul

Thought of as a psychopath

Which is also floating through an even being speck of dust

“Always” – J. K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

This video needs to get to 10 million, 12 million, 20 million and so on views. Please share and make this video go viral to help end this problem of Political Correctness.

The host is really cute

Do you speak portuguese?

So as to not fall into the category of those I am pinpointing:

Mine idiolect is an interesting mixture. you won’t get it?

To argue that we are the outcomes of all these acts combined, is true in a way,


Thank you Mr Taylor, but what about writing another paragraph or 2 in contrary to show maybe a debate

So the masses basically trust the experts, and the general scientific process;

I like green eggs and ham – Dr Seuss

DON’T cage birds… they are meant to be FREE… ‘As free as the birds’… No excuses!


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