I think we should take a step back and realize that in the same way our cultural misogyny provides us pleasure, we also take pleasure in telling other people that their misogyny is wrong. The shirt may represent a larger anti-female bias in STEM fields, but at the same time, it’s just a shirt, an easily rectified problem (as in, stop wearing it).

The Best Economic System in the world:


Best TED talk of all time! Enjoyed it and was greatly inspired. Thank you Tony Robbins.

NO FREE SERVICE OR DEMO WILL BE GIVEN BEFORE PAYMENT(For demo Invest 1$ to Test if This Services Don’t Waste ur time Trying &Contact Fb) Official

They overpaid more than they needed to for a perceived ‘marginal benefit’ in respect to their value of the car.

He’d be out of bussiness


Very usefull video helped me alot.

This was crisp. I am wondering if you can share the sources for historical images, engravings and paintings that you used for the presentation…

My major is Economics and Management Public but I’m interested in Human Resource. I learned a little bit about HR and now, i want to start learning about HR.

Did i somehow suggest that this was not the case?

Kinsey worked with paedophiles, and was a masochistic psycho who mutilated his own penis and died shortly after.

Who is here in 2017

Chomsky’s theory of Language Acquisition Device is the most important contribution to human civilization since Descartes theory of the pineal glad. He turned linguistics into a real biological science like coprology by using state of art Aristotelian methodology. Only Tolkien’s work of establishing the field of phonoaesthetics through the creation of constructed languages can be considered of equal importance to the field of linguistics.

It’s a fucking shirt though.

Danger libtard zone below.


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