TURBO TURBO TURBO Replay: pause, pause, pause…

She has pretty eyes

Hi Madam Niharika, i really appreciate your way of teaching\

Is he hitting that though?

Can u do a video on writing a better long answer and its structure

Your lesson is valuable for those who star writing essays including me. Thank

Thanks alot its very useful.

So very deep. sucks that the world had to go to the shitter just as soon as i’m starting college..

Thought was gonna see a talk about languages used for hacking…


So I guess you people should stop being hypocritical about other people’s accent in the South.

The way to overcome this is to all band together and break down barriers. all the different gangs fighting over territory, land, or color. And the people segregated by skin color. We need to open out eyes and see the reality to bring world peace. We need to empty out the prisons, and jails that keep the puppeteers in the high chair and paid

Typical DC fan who’s ass is burning from Marvel’s super success…🤔

At first, the material production was so underdeveloped that with certain reason it could have been reclaimed that there is not enough for everyone. Those who did not criticized the political economy as such, had to stick at the limited principal that was proclaimed as the irrational appropriation at the cost of the weak. The objective basis for that has changed. Neither only to the social nonconformist, nor to the bounded commoner has this limitation had to appear as obsolete in the face of the immediate opportunity of possible affluence. The implicit meaning of master morality, who wants to live has to work, has become a more miserable lie then the wisdom of priests in the nineteen’s century. […]

Great job

Too difficult for me…Y I SO STOPID?

My handwriting is a lot because I change it a lot.

John – Are we supposed to freeze-frame the intros to read the clever images and asides? Just wondering ’cause SOMEone went to a lot of trouble for them zip by in the scant time they do. 😞


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