I didn’t understand a thing… other than that u might be able to……… make copies of things without making it get smaller?

If it’s ok I’ll email you my resume ^_^

Omfg! this was eye opening

Hope it works out

– The Trial (F. Kafka)

1990 – You speak Clingon loooser hahaha!

There should NOT be a comma after the word”that” when used in the example Bestful suggests that “the large number of manuscripts shows that the work was popular and widely read into the 16th Century” (921).


Lol this guy is amazing.

Undergo crisis gene duck nearby heart.

Can anyone recommend research paper writing company?

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by some guy with a really long Mexican name I don’t know off the top of my head. Even though the ending is predictable af, it is still a wonderful coming of age story with a little bit of romance. I think it’s amazing

This is absolutely insane, none of these fools understand just how much work went into this. I’m trying to make typographies as well and It’s really difficult… I’d love to ask you how you did certain things, but I know way to well, that It’s probably none of your interest to help a bigginer out, but still. This was mindblowing. Well done.

I can’t even focus on what’s being said because of how it’s being said

Whether you approve of the formula or not, I’m afraid it’s the standard used in the principles textbooks (along with the aforementioned explanation and examples).

Well at least it’s some evidence (only one data point) that being exposed to a language up until 3 won’t necessarily have a significant lasting effect.

In new york i ricky roll

Great video. In czech we use 7 cases and inflections inflections everywhere 🙂 But I do feel the pain of english students.

You missed command and conquer

Teacher what’s name of your email?


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