15:07 Is that a George Carlin reference? I’m sure it’s been sound by many different people but today I actually rewatched one of his acts and it reminded me of that.

I have 2 business associates who graduated from Harvard. I asked both of them how in the fuck they ever even got admitted. Neither one of them could even pass a TOEFL exam in English. As a matter of fact, after teaching fucking morons in one of the largest midwestern university systems in the US for 7 years, I doubt if 30% of American freshmen can pass it! Everyone should ask the admissions office there how the fuck this MORON George Bush was even admitted, let alone allowed to graduate! Go to “Bushism” on Wikipedia and read the dumbass statements this moron made as “President”, a president who was elected TWICE by the idiots in this country! Anyone who reads his statements carefully can see that he must have been high on drugs!

Do EOS take place due to decreasing cost inputs in such industries?

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These are dead faces:

Great examples

What will really bake your noodle is if the fat-man changed his mind, but the onlooker who pushed him over never knew he did. Was it moral? Did the onlooker believe himself moral? Was he epistemically justified?

This is kinda sad. But it doesn’t change the fact that thousands of people disliked this video. That’s even sadder. 😣

Were r uh from


My coworker Tristan sears looks like him on god

I love you dude. Great stuff

Forget the African, European, Asian, Latino, American etc.. etc.. Forget your connections to home lands and cultures and societies. Our destiny is all linked. We live on this beautiful blue-green rock together, and in the end, what we do now, in this age of information and knowledge, is more important than ever. We can’t evolve and travel the stars if we keep getting stuck in the past. I know that old habits die hard, and old men die harder, but now is the time we move past our differences and embrace our similarities. A smile can still be received the same in every language on Earth. so let kindness reign, and let Humanity rule.

Words don’t change form, but Turkish has a different quality which I think other languages don’t have. When we ask a question, we put a interrogative particle where we want to emphasize. For example:

I just found this channel and holy shit I cant stop watching your videos

The song at the beginning is perfect

I wish The Picture of Dorian Gray was on the list, but i guess that’s just my preference.

It’s time to go horse riding.

There’s no need to be afraid, is already happening. A lot of people just cares about their opinion. And saying their’s opinion is 100% right. While if anyone’s opinion is opposite or disagreeing with their’s. The person will argue or even attack the person. Just like the video. The society is just getting worse. Let’s just hope that humanity will start all over again and be better than this.

Hello, thank you for your videos.

Side note: a point outside the PPF isn’t “impossible” to reach; in time it is possible to reach if an economy experiences economic growth. This is something they try and catch you out on in multiple choice papers. Yes, it’s impossible at that point in time, but no, it’s not impossible completely.


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