3:40 isnt he the guy from jubilee project? cos i remember that he went to harvard..

I am so interested to hear his lecture unfortunately it was made dual-language. which i could only grab 40% of what he was saying..however i still think this video is useful and beneficial to the others

Milad Shoja: I agree with you. The summary lacks very important parts of Iran history after the revolution in 1979.

In Hebrew, unlike its close cousin Arabic, there are no grammatical cases for nouns (except possessive). Inflections are only for verbs and adjectives. For nouns and pronouns we use articles, particles and other function words, as well as modifying syntax where needed.

The funny thing Is, is that there is no definitive answer to these questions. In the first question where 5 people could be saved instead of one where they discussed the consequential weighting that influences moral choices, we really have to ask ourselves are we directly/indirectly murdering someone and then if so does that make you accountable for the act knowing that your action could’ve stopped someone’s death. Does someone’s conscious thought to not save someone make them accountable for deciding someone’s death?

Candidates or candicates? what is this

Fake president. Believe me.

I would compare it to todays healthcare system in the USA. you are provided with options and associated cost, but you get to decide what you want, and no one is cheated out of their financial gain, there is no inequity and there is no forced choices.

Thought of as a psychopath

Now I understand the cool kids at school…

Heard softly through the wind.

Dr. Zeus bars!!!

What a sweet man! I work on neurosciences in the hospital! Best job in the world. These people mean the world to me!

>>doesn’t show Venedian in Italic-Venedic-Celtic claster


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