“what is it that i’m in danger of losing?” the right to express myself.

I am threatened by people’s petty and uninformed reactions to some dude wearing a shirt with animated girls on it. I do stand to lose from it. We all stand to lose from each other’s idiocy, pettiness and immaturity. It’s just like what happened on Louis CK’s SNL monologue. “He should have special license to skirt morality because he’s a comedian.”

That never even bothers to explain why people are ‘queer’,

I want those boots

I hope this game will be as moddable as the original TA.

Thanks bro, Now I try it.

Thanku PeopleMatters

We are Currently Hiring People from all Over the World,

@skyfantom203 he is trying to help, don’t like it don’t watch, don’t comment… such a hater

Sanskrt texts are much older than showed here. Aryan invasion theory proved false by genetic tests and clearly made to suit british colonial view on India. why is so hard to europeans credit north India Afeghan and Iran as the true birth of indo european languages and culture, i bet is for its racism and white supremacy tradition.

House of Leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski.

Haplogroup R1a is found IN INDIA AND SOUTH ASIA AND NOWHERE ELSE! R1a is found even among tribals and different caste groups in India/South Asia

I call her the Kellyanne Tea Cups, she spins and spins til you want to throw up.

Please, tell me why.

Weird thought, but lets assume that the near total automation of all Jobs will serve humans so that they dont have to work anymore.

I don’t want oatmeal! Synecdoche new York

Grew up on the web, really…


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