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Madam can u pls give us more lesson for writing letter

Man since he talks so fast, I had to watch about 20 times. lol

Secondly, I feel that the feminist movement has actually deepened the rift between genders (in recent years) more than actually helping. When people are constantly comparing the two genders instead of accepting their differences, saying that equal has to mean the same, it just forces us farther apart. I don’t like the idea that women and men are the same, I think we’re different and I think that’s beautiful. For instance, I think women are better stay-at-home parents then men, not that the women are incapable of going in to various carriers but that statistically men make worse stay-at-home parents. Men (usually) as good as nurturing and comforting, I’m not arguing whether that is is because of conditioning or biology; regardless the fact remains that they aren’t as good at it. I definitely don’t want a future where children are sent to nurseries and raised by hired babysitters, I find this selfish on the parents side and think this is detrimental to future generations. Although that is besides the point, it’s meant to be an example of what I’m trying to say which is that equal doesn’t have to mean the same, this is perhaps my biggest problem with the feminist movement.

And i´m sure PA was´t the only game that went this way..

Every politician.

– the people who sow the wheat seeds (or those who oversee the machines who do it);

Reminds me of when i used Scratch when i first started my C++ class

I love crash course, but is there anyone else who hates how childish these two act?

‘Til you keep sleepin’ on me, I’m at large

I’ve listened to this multiple times. I love his voice

Meanwhile, other academics don’t really take all those queer studies seriously,

Many many thanks sir……..

Thats their problem. These same black indians deny their african origin and try to look down on black people. Thats karma.

GREAT BUT LITTLE KNOWN: Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith is a novel that takes place in the USSR under Stalin in which setting and atmosphere are as important as the characters; The Good Earth by Pearl Buck – there’s a good reason why people used to read this, but somehow it’s fallen out of fashion with readers of classics – TRY IT; the Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper – an excellent eerie adventure in England; Harris and Me which is often missed by Gary Paulsen fans; Illusions by Paul Volsky is a little known science fiction novel of a world in post-technology state; and The Blue Sword, a Newbery winner, but doesn’t really fit in with their usual selections (a bit higher reading level).

There is no argument there.

Thankyou emma…..your videos are great help👍

The guy speaks so fast wtf


Its really productive sir Thankyou 😊

Ambien, concerta, prozac? A sedative, an amphetamine, and an antidepressant? For a manic kid?


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