Oh my god, Robbie Williams is manic depressive? I never knew…

Life is half luck half skill half work….something doesnt add up

Awesome as always guys. Best wishes :).

Thank you for helping me understand better.

I ain’t religious, but isn’t this what that dude Jesus was talking about.

Thank you so much!



Also empathy is a road to guilt and guilt can be very destructive.

I’m 12 and my mental age is 16-21, 280 points

I would make Les Miserables at least an honorable mention.

I love this idea. I’ve wanted to make conlangs for a long time but I’ve always had issues understanding the IPA and other tutorials I’ve found. Hopefully this will help.

I look at this mic, it’s part of my family


Can someone explain why the gov. rev and deadweight loss are shaded that way (22:35)?

Wow its amazing how you pick up so much information from one word. wow thankyou very much this really helped. the notes are reallly good

Erik! I am SO sorry I missed this until just now. Just wanted to share again how inspiring you are as a professional and master of your craft. I love doing impressions and each video you put out makes me learn SO much more about accents and myself. PLEASE keep it up!

That medication stuff is bullshit! I have Bi-Polar, and I take only 1 pill per day. Since I started the medication, I have not had one single episode. I was diagnosed by Kiki Chang (he was the guy they interviewed) and started medication at around 10. Now its likely not like that for everyone, but there is no reason why those kids would need to be taking 50 pills a day, or however many they showed….


Neuroscience and psychology is two related but separate fields. I`m just pointing this out, if you are wrong in such a trite little thing how are you qualified to decide anything related to society or psychology?

Really love this speech and it is great massage to all human beings…


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