“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul” (poem Invictus).

Amazing. Deserve my first comment on youtube!

It very inspired me

The man’s natural accent is cool as fuck.

I voted for Trump along millions of other American patriots and I served my country. You people who are saying these critical things about our President are being disrespectful to the millions of Americans who voted for him. I supported Obama when he was President because I respected the office and you should do the same for President Trump. Your day us coming!

“Never gonna give you up”

You have made my life easier

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In fact, in my line of work, I see customers who pick the burger grill over everything else on a daily basis. And I work in a fking hospital, and these are doctors and nurses. You’d think that’d know better.

This wouldn’t be very accurate.

So the original rick and morty are dead?

Do a vid on a view from the bridge pleaseeeeeeee

MR. Trump CRAZY! CRAZY! like a Fox, Humble Family, A caring Wife, Nice friends, TRUE GRIT! Never Seen his HANDS shaking at all. We all can say this? TRUE GRIT!

Where can I pick up a copy of Lord of the Rings for PC?

Really good

Cameraman failed!

You see i wanted trump, but i still laughed my ass off at this,

Most of the stuff he says is right. ive suffered depresion all my life. According to my social servivise file i was diagnosed with depression when i was 2 years old. I feel numb and unwanted all the time. only leave my room when i have no choice to go get some food. Don t find anything funny so dont laugh very often. cant keep a relationship going for more than a few months cause i cant handle being around others. I was put on pills but they made me want to kill myself and they made me even worse. No one tells me they love me. My own parents gave me away when i was cause they didnt want me. My foster parents wouldnt let me do anything it was children should be seen and not heard so spent all my childhood in my bedroom with no friends around. I was called retarded by social workers and the ppl who lived next door cause i kept to myself and didnt mix with other kids. I did a few online autism test and they all said i have aspegers which explains the depression and why i shut myself away from everyone. the only way i can communcate with anyone is online. face to face i just panic and try to get away and back to my room. I have to avoid watching the news as if a sad story is on i just cry my eyes out. I dont get angry very often. Im just sad all the time and dont enjoy anything. rarely eat cause i dont see the point in eating unless im really hungry. My room is a total mess cause i dont see the point of cleaning up cause im the only 1 who sees it. Ive got a lot of love in me but dont know how to show it. I find it hard to show any emotions. Most ppl dont understand me when i talk cause i speak very fast to get out what i want to say before someone interupts me. I get tounge tied and mix up my words. usualy i try to say something nice about someone but it comes out wrong and i upset ppl cause of it. Depression isnt just being sad all the time it has other effects as well. Like being bored all the time. Not wanting to do anything not being able to ask for help when u need it the most. Most ppl dont realise how bad depression can get or how to deal with it. Most ppl just turm around and say dont be so stupid just get on with it and wont listen to what ur saying which makes it even worse cause they dont understand what ur going through they ignore u. If my foster parents didnt take me in when i was 2 i would of been put in a loony bin as thats what they used to do years ago with kids that had mental health problems. My foster mum had a breakdown when i was about 10. They sent her to a loony bin for a few months and gave her electic shock therapy and it turned her into a zombie. She didnt know who she was or who i was or anything. She walked around but that was it. She tried to kill herself cause social services were taking me away from her to send me to a special bording school for kids with problems. She never once told me she loved me neither did my foster dad. ive never had anyone tell me they love me except when they wanted something from me. So now when someone says they love me its what do they want. Ive always wanted to be a dad. When my son was born i just didnt know how to react to him. I was jumping with joy inside but on the outside it was like i didnt care. When ur depressed emotions tend not to show and get burried. But depression effects ppl in diff ways. thiose with plenty of support around them cope beter than those that dont have ppl who care about them to help them. Knowing ur loved is the biggest help but u have to keep teling them over and over till they belieive it. its not just telling them u have to show it as well. its not what u say but the actions u do. Like cuddling them and reasuring them that everything will be ok. Motivate them to do something. get them out of the house for walks in the country. I run a walking group for ppl who suffer from depression. Cause we all suffer from the same thing were like a support group. We talk about r probs while walking and help each other with the probs. I hate going cause i have to go out. But it gets me out of the house for a few hrs every 2 weeks and i feel a bit better during the walk and being around others that know what im going through. the couselo i had recommened i did walks to help mke but didnt want to walk on my own as i have ankilosing spondiltis as well and my legs tend to buckle and i fall over. So being in a group helps with that as well as i know i will have help if i do fall over. Forget the pills the doc hands out as they dont really work. just go for walks with ppl u trust in the countryside. For those that havnt sufferd depression take some time to get to know what those that do suffer from it r going through and how to help them. some just need a shoulder to cry on others need a lot of love and attention to snap them out of it. Just sit down with them and listen to their problems. Dont brush it off really listen not pretend too. them u can come up with a solution to help them and push them to carry it out or they wont do anything to help themselves.

I Love this and would love for people to get together on the fact that we all bleed red and that 2% of the earths people own and rule us all. Some of the comments below prove that the 2% is doing a good job keeping us divided and that saddens me.

How do independent variables contribute towards the formulation of theory of the study? Must they be considered

Speaker: pours gasoline over his own body and sets himself on fire.


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