Did she just misuse “hyperbolic?” Twice?!? Aaaargh!!!

Thank you 🙂

Oh cool, im an introvert

Can someone tell me what the Gallifreyan says?

It is also, frankly, a bit offensive to those of us who strive to capture an idea precisely and go through the trouble of learning the nuance of a language for the purpose of doing just that, only to find that it was all for naught since no one else cares enough to use those words correctly and you end up with a wasted effort. It is pearls before swine. Spell check is making things worse since it only reinforces the wrong notions when people pick one of the offerings without knowing why.

I have worked for two years in my own business, as the CEO where I handled my business’s execution, organisational and administrative work.. I have completed a phase of life in my business and, Now I want to make a move to advance my career and I’m good at handling admin, organisational and management related work. I’m thinking of choosing Human Resource as my career stream to learn and grow in my life. As per myself, Human Resource Administrator is the Job Profile I would love to start to work as. What HR job options can you suggest me to start with? I will really appreciate you help. Thanks a lot.

Still fucking nonsense!!!!!!

All of these problems were soon fixed with future made UN Laws. Plus i think this is an overreaction.

Frodo is not a human, he’s a HOBBIT

I wish he had ended the show by telling everyone to get ahold o themselves and truly research what our government has been doing since the end of WWII. There’s tons of information available. As Chomsky said, it’s there, but people would rather use (waste?) their time tweeting some BS one-liner (140 characters or less, that’s our attention span these days), or use some silly app to “check in” to a restaurant and take a picture of what you’re eating, which is then posted on Facebook.

Thanks a lot for your lessons, in my opinion “exercise” can be replace by “physical activity” ??

Kill Baxter

Damn shes hot

20 goto 10


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