We yelled and screamed at creative innovation, now we sit in sorrow about a future that could’ve been, some of us still hope.

I think this vedio may helpful and quite understandable.

Look at the western highly developed civilized world – people are not equal too. It’s very usual here in America to call poor people less fortunate… what is the difference between less fortunate and being born in lower caste? This is a different way of presenting the same thing. What does” less fortunate” means?? Bad horoscope? Bad karma? Cursed?

In fact, this is what I have been looking for.

You didnt mind stealing 265 trillion dollars from us. Killed unarmed people(jallianwala).boasting of technology, You must have stolen that from somewhere else as well. Your entire civilization is based on stealing. I need to check my pockets, maybe you have stolen something by your technology.

Does this behavior show up through writing? or how about if he attempts to type out what he believes he’s saying? interesting… very interesting. Or have him type out a list of random words while repeating them out loud? man, the brain is such an interesting place.

Hunger of Money is responsible for that…

Perfection realized.

was Elumpa Simple Studying Alchemist – if anyone wants to know more search on google


Wyt ppl r evil

He has a good point on many items. BUT, the issue I take is the suggestion regarding the consistency of language being not as important as some make it out to be. My example is with science. If the scientific nomenclature and ‘language’ were not kept so rigorously and consistently defined (sure, it is not completely void of inconsistencies, ambiguity, and redundancy…we are human after all), we would have a difficult time grasping the concepts and categorizing them in our minds.

Finally someone who knows that Buddhism isn’t a religion? lol.

Most hr representatives are working most intently on breaking down their own consciences for an increased paycheck. this is not acceptable.

Thanks sir👌👌👌

A REAL revolution and a REAL rebellion for freedom and justice.

Seriously dude thx alot!!!! It helped me for my exam! Keep it up 😀

So raw, I’m in love.

Well, I’m obviously not part of your feminist cause, whatever it is. I don’t think I need say anything else, Hunter. The only bully here is you. Your language speaks for itself.

I mean this way of thinking is stupid because how would society be if there is no rules no “farmers” we were led. If u want to go deeper it’s all about human nature. We evil lol there ain’t changing that. It would only make sense if we lived in a utopia where everything was perfect fools



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