The best ever ted talk!

If urdu is not possible kindly dont use hindi words in speaking

Can I get the word in a sentence 😂😂 sounds like the lady from a spelling bee

You all have to pay closer attention. It’s not Charlamagne it’s Martin. Pay attention to the agenda

Also, member berries 🙂

Hm this is pretty interesting moar please!. btw what are you studying?

“Don’t forget to be irrational and exhuberant”

I love the text with exploding colors.

When Luther kicked the balloon tho! funny as fuck! 😂😂😂

Thank you so much! This is beautiful!!!


Uhhhhhh my handwriting is like all of these, like every single one, I don’t change regularly, be it honestly depends on the word and how my body position is

Lord of the Rings was a chore to read so I didn’t finish it.

Jaaaaaaaaaack when are You going to play tome raider its really fun PLAY IT YOU BOSS!!

My mother language is turkish and german, my second is english and i am fluently with it. At first it’s really hard to learn another language but if possible i want to learn another language after my bachelor ♥️

Bald guy from game of thrones?!

3) Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Excellent video for creative writing!!!!

You are fake news…

So many cringy DC fanboys it really hurts.

Balance of Payments

Good episode. A good example of the Levi-Strauss binary estructures are those about the lore and legends that involve twin brothers or heroes in many native american cultures and civilizations


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