I can’t remember what I watched because there’s to much gray and brown. The most boring colors

In the last case scenario, to my mind, they were guilty of murdering the cabin boy even with his consent SIMPLY because they should have eaten the first to die from starvation. NO NEED AT ALL TO KILL ANYONE!! There’s a somewhat famous case in Argentina and a plane crash where they ate dead people in the middle of the Andes mountains and if you put it beside this case most wouldn’t find it morally reprehensible.

By the way you taught very well!☺

Some of y’all need to learn so fucking respect… I’m serious! Let’s make it clear shall we: NOT ALL SOUTHERNERS ARE RACIST!!! WE DONT HATE BLACK OR HISPANICS OR WHATEVER RACE YOU ARE!!! And some of us are liberals and some of us are conservatives but that depends on the person and they are entitled to think and believe whatever they want so if you make a comment saying something stereotypical or racist then go fuck yourself! If you see those types of comments report them because they are driving me crazy knowing that people actually believe this! The events at Charlottesville were terrible and I don’t support white supremacy but they are entitled to their own opinion and peaceful protest as long as they don’t hurt anyone or break a law

It makes sense that he’s talking about Game Theory there, but still, i can’t see some enlightenment philosophers, like Hume for instance, having such a great problem with it.

$50 alpha

New narratives about these native peoples,

The change i wanted once to see

Very helpful,, many thanks

I could have used the extra 5 seconds to play counter strike…rip pasha would be mad

Thank you for playing this game. I’ve been looking for a fun way to introduce my kid to programming, I think this one may be it.

Could I still get the ultimate revision packet if I live in the UK?

Dear The School of Life =)

Well, the ap test is tomorrow…

I love your opinion about the symbols in books, and that it’s not a important question if the symbol was intentionally. That’s something my teacher should see. She alwyas says “What want’s the author say to us by…” and when interpreting poems she’s like “NO, that’s not what the author meant!” and I said “Well, did you talk to him then? And even if he didn’t mean it like that, poems can be interpreted in many ways and as a “author” myself i find it very interesting what other poeple see in my words.” Well, she got mad.

Thank you for making this video, I understand very well the lecture…I feel also I’m inside the room attending the class.


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