The Southern accent is the coolest sounding in America

Amazing scary video. How come there is no Arabic subtitle guys?!!

Task 2:

I dunno what it is but that one girl is a master at playing the role of someone really unlikeable

Thanks asian boy

Fricken sick

What is the song at 6:00 I have heard it before

Nd yes u do well sir

The Extinction War

You made me feel bed…

Now instead of getting c’s i get straight a’s

His mom’s a janitor making 50k a year? big red flag.

Who’s watching this on their phone?

6) Usage

Chomsky is an interesting guy but are we really talking about whether the internet is a good thing? It’s like it’s 1994, the internet isn’t really new at all and he’s sounds like he’s talking about it as if it was invented yesterday. Besides that it was very interesting. Even if you don’t agree with him it’s always a good history lesson because he points out the points in history that are often overlooked.

Great Video!

They are for buying Instagram followers and likes xD

Wonderful video

Change velocity over change in time*

U need to run for president. Please! think about it

Perhaps someone find out I am right.



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