I think we should just watch the wonderful lesson ” What is history for” by this channel again. That approach to history seems much wiser to me. On that lesson we have learnt to see the history NOT as an ” impertinence and injury” but as a source of “solutions and consolations”.

Going to a large university I can understand. I agree that colleges need to engage their students more because I sat in a class of 200 people and I fell guilty to not paying attention and looking at my computer cause the teach didn’t know whether i was their or not.

I am complete enchanted and speechless of it..

Bought the game today. liked to invite a friend but it did not worked. anybody a idea how to solve the problem???


I came to this video to learn about Foucault’s idea of Heterotopia in space, but nothing about it was mentioned.

This bitch talking too smart for my dumbass 😂. Well I’m not dumb just very ignorant in English. Since I grew up in a different country. But who gives a shit 😂. Alright thanks anyways I’m out to find more dumber explaining on how to write a mothafucking essay

Thats so true and the humanity cant anderstud that! Why….


Go do some interviews with the Free State Project guys! Ask them how much they’re implementing crypto into their community?

It’s honestly feel like marvel color grading is all the same because it sounds weird to say it but it kinda gives a lighter tone in terms of perspective. Check this out, DC movies like the recent BVS used the color grading technique by making the colors standout but if you notice in the justice league trailer same color grading and it feels like a darker tone as the rest of the dc movies. I think marvels reasoning for this is so it can have that lighter feel to there movies. Which is weird to say bc u think by making colors brighter it would lessen the tone but it actually emphasizes it. That’s why mad max looked so mad with the coloring but if U look at it without the coloring it looks like a normal day and guy on the bike going over a truck 😂 anyone else see where I’m coming from?

If my fellow females can be deterred from their dreams of working in STEM fields just because of a fucking shirt, maybe we’re too emotional to be in STEM fields.

When in your ad there’s only a picture of nigga

How they are in fact being brainwashed.

OMg! Jack was soooooo cute when he was a smaller youtuber!

At last I have come to know the difference. The bottle neck hypothesis is now clear

Really very useful this class

People run the world. Not companies.

¡Hola! ¿Como esta?

Some of them look like people in Somalia and Sudan and Egypt and Ethiopia The Bija people.

Thank you so much..very helpful and really true…..

Hey, great video thanks! I would personally start off with the supply shifting left diagram but that’s just me. If anyone’s dreading the essay, it’s very similar to taxation! It’s a cost to the business, that’s the basic principle.


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