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–Ironically brought to you by AJ English

This girl is amazing!!! Much better than the classes I took – that still were good, but these are the Actual tips we need! Thank you a million, Amazing Lady!

I’m truly lost.

Oh and btw. I was also beaten with extention cords, hangers, shoes, sticks, switches…etc. hell my sister was once beaten with a butchers knife (no cuts). And none of us grew up to murder anyone. I will watch the rest of video though that guy got to me with that ignorance. Peace and love.

Pls have a look at

I love crash course!!! I totally support it! Please keep doing these videos. I love all of them!

3 Ulysses by James Joyce

Thanks a lot to MIT and Mr. Abbott! A very lively and essential lecture.

This exercice unfortunately doesn’t involve some interesting new, ‘queer’ way of assessing reality and culture though,

Finally i have a word, to go with something i have been thinking about for ages!!

Also read the teen book series Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas!!!! It’s is my favorite book and if you love fantasy I know you’ll love this series!!!!

This annoys me especially when it’s just a small side character role. Couldn’t they just cast actual German-speaking actors/extras if they were to only have one scene in the movie anyway?

I just have to say, this is great music! Now to write 3-5 pages that are due tomorrow morning! Haha.

Everything he does can be seen by the average motivational speaker. This dumbass woman isn’t saying anything intelligent.

Man’s not hot

The average American will not be better off in 4 years! ” believe me “!

I wish you will post more videos which will cover other topics.

“I still stand by my principle where the amount of human life must be optimised, and in the situation you describe I would yank out the organs. However I want to stress that the thought experiment is unlikely and incomplete. It’s very unlikely that one donor would be compatible with all five, moreover I think that what matters is the Quality Adjusted Years of Human life, and the healthy patient probably has a of those… whereas people who benefit from grafts will need constant therapy with important side effects, high risk of reject, and a loss of duration, quality and usefulness of their life, so in a realist case it’s very unlikely that such a situation would in fact yield an increased survival for all 6 patients, noncounting the massive costs on society. Moreover I belive that the principle that we found in the previous situations should be that the suvival should be, not just improved. As such I believe that it valid to explore other possible solutions as my collegue in the back row did, and that it doesn’t denaturate the problem. But in the simplified thought experiment, yes, I still think that we should chose the option that has the most beneficial consequences and it appears to be organ theft”.


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