“Theory doesn’t teach anyone anything”

Enders game

This video only examines Bentham’s account of utilitarianism and does not even touch on Mill’s continuation and restructuring of it. In fact, many of the same criticisms people have of Mill, Mill had of Bentham. Mill’s theory is very complex including internal and external sanctions, moral character as a construct of eduction and proper upbringing, and a discussion of virtue (Aristotle), as well as Will and Desire.

Are you kidding me. This is the biggest snake oil salesman of the modern age.

Heh…heh heh….it’s not like robots will take over acting? R-Right?! That’s not possible! RIGHT?!

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God help me this is going to be a cluster fuck

This guy got 100% in English didn’t he

Is it true that people who naturally have emotionless faces and barely display any body language that is easy to respond to, tend to be very secretive? or is it something else?

In Bengali we have grammatical case. Locative case is indicated by adding “e” to the end of the place or “te” (or “ye” in informal Bengali if it ends with a vowel). For example Bangladeshe means “in Bangladesh” and Kenyate means “in Kenya”. We add “er” (or just r if it ends with a vowel) to show possession. Malik=owner, Maliker= owner’s. We use Ti (or Ta informally) to make a noun definite. MalikTa= the owner. This can be compounded with other endings. MalikTar= The owner’s. “ke” is used to make a noun the object. Jele=Fisherman, “Jeleke Janabe”= [he] will inform the fisherman.

Why must people always contextualise Foucault’s thought within his ‘eccentric’ (that is perverted) life-style. I call shade.

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More videos plzzzzzzz

Iiek! 9:31 and 9:38

You call Planetary Annihilation a “delivered” game? It is so unoptimized, has too many random units, and needs more love and just general cleanup. The game is fun but not the $60 game I bought. I think those who bought PA deserve a more complete game, before you move on to Human Resources, and if I am being perfectly honest, I think I would prefer HR over PA, but if you give us another bad game, then you’re just milking us at that point. Please fix PA up. I will probably buy HR anyway, but think about your community here. Thats all I’m saying.

He needs to learn how to breathe… Jesus!

Do you guys know when the game comes out?

Thanks for allowing me youtobe.

I’m a teenager who’s lived in america all my life and i can’t pronounce ‘r’.comes out as a ‘w’ everytime. i feel better knowing it’s a weird sound in the first place 😂

I already bought the Packet, so how do I watch the rest of the video…. My Econ midterm is tomorrow morning…


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