These students seem surprisingly stupid, especially when taking into account that these are Harvard students.

Nice job sirrr…..U really clear all point of each part.

It all makes sense now. Wish I came across this before dropping micro, cause now Ive gotta sit around for round two of it.

Its amazing

I scored 240 but Im only 14…

White people in the comments mad as hell

I like High Valerian the best… maybe just cuz Daenerys is smokin hot 🙂

Worth the 2 plus minutes.

How is apes? i’m taking it next year as a sophomore. any tips?

Uber get your shit together, finish your first promise with Planetary Annihilation, so that way you won’t have fans hating you like EA.

I used to know 2 languages fluently as a kid. Somali and English. But as I grew up I stopped talking in somali. So now I’ve pretty much forgot how to speak it. I still understand it no problems there. So Idk if I’m bilingual or not 😂😂

I would probably snap if someone flipped my hand

I’m sure that many of you are familiar with computer worms, but could a trained linguist use nlp and waking hypnosis to create a worm that can be transferred from one person to another verbally through the use of a well thought out paragraph? the person would mull the question in their mind(probably a paradox like The ship of Theseus) which could then lead to a psychological break down or a “system crash”

Shogan is not RTG…

Shipwrecked boat, carry my seasick heart home


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