Hey if you make another one put red alert 3 command and conquer

B.) Send your Army to 3rd World Countries to steal their resources & pretend its for their Benefit?

Actually, should I use passive voice or active voice? my teacher asks us to use passive so not use active voice.

Just like they can be created, genetic psychopaths are born. Robert Hare has done some interesting MRI studies with it. They have no activity in the brain section where empathy is seated.

You look very hot when you are nervous…. oh i am sorry

Neat! My Master’s Thesis was on intertextuality in the Sandman and how Gaiman developed it as the series went on.

This video just predicted 2016 without being made in 2016

So true about me

To start it off, installing solar panels onto the school can decrease their electricity bill significantly. In many places, the cost of solar energy is the same, or even sometimes lower than what your school is currently paying. Since solar panels have an average ‘survival’ of 25 years; in the long run, it can save millions of dollars. For example, take the Portville United School District, located in California, which installed solar panels in 6 schools and is expected to reduce energy costs by $44 million in the next 25 years. By going solar, MY school can also protect against rising energy costs; signing a contract to purchase a solar system, or solar electricity, allows schools to guarantee their electricity prices for up to 20 years, saving districts money and making budgeting much easier. The Boulder Valley School District, located in Colorado, recently installed 1.4 megawatts, which is equivalent to more than 5,000 panels, on 14 schools, in an effort to reduce expenditures. Not only did the District do this, but they also signed a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with a solar installer; so they will be paying less for solar power-generated energy than the conventionally sourced electricity that they currently use.

I know literally nothing about coding, and I understood that jump meant loop. lol

I am mesmerized by the titles of books.

Pharoahe Monch (king of multi-syllabism and generally badass rapping)

I died in a car crash.. should’ve walked..

Wow, your tips are verry helpful and thank you verry much miss Niharika, if I can learn english from you please let me know, thank you

Excellent discussion on an important topic. Good work.

Thank you for your verbal response. Your behavior has had an effect on mine and it’s allowed me to focus on a segment of the video for longer than I would have. I saw a very emotional Skinner speaking of how Chomsky was 180 degrees wrong. I do not agree with you, but I’m happy it had an effect on me. Thank you.

Who else came here from Jacksepticeye?

Ater reviewing a random assortment of the immense number of comments, I’m wondering if anyone actually questions the premise of this video. The video was made three years ago, and I haven’t seen much evidence that machine learning and automation is making people redundant since then. In fact, it seems there are more jobs than ever. Even Amazon, that temple of warehouse automation, is hiring huge numbers of people, many of whom were recently unemployed in the brick-and-mortar retail sector that Amazon is displacing. And whole new categories of jobs are popping up to capitalize on the new possibilities that machine learning and big data enable. To me, it sounds like the same story we’ve seen again and again throughout history, and not something new under the sun. Machine learning is just a form of generalized numerical optimization – someone has to provide the function to optimize and decide how to apply it. That takes people. And don’t confuse ML with general purpose AI, which we are no closer to figuring out that we were fifty years ago. I would tread lightly in basing policy or societal decisions on such an extreme prediction without seeing solid evidence first.


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