Same here – I also wanted to single handedly develop a AAA-Space-RTS-Game “Spacecraft” with 3 factions: the Derran, the Serg and the Brotoss – so I was searching for some Marine Models i wanted to implement into my game and the suddenly i stumble upon this crappy little Title by this pretentious indie dev “Blizzard” which COMPLETELY stole my idea and they called it “Starcraft” – thats so terrible…. well but at least i now have a super original new idea to develop a FPS called “Call of Duty”!!

Beautiful work!


There is no Z word in Hindi but it is improvised by putting a dot under the letter Ja.

The racist Illuminati guy wants money for the communists BLM,

Thank God we don’t have to listen to the droning, pulpit style cadence of “Politician Speak,” littered with elaborate and long sentences of saying absolutely nothing! That was classic Obama. He would go on and on and on and on and say absolutely nothing! Thank God for a “cut to the chase” communicator! MAGA!!!!

Good professor

Going to take the December SAT…pray for me guys

Maybe one day he’ll say that he is God, believe me


Thanks a lot Mr. David Taylor! Your vid helped me better understand how to write the Lit-Rev; i like the idea of, ‘it is just like telling some old and some new stories to an old friend’. God bless!

De mx ni hoy ni mañana ni nunca……………….tu puta madre

Thank you!!! i am not as stressed now, I had been asking people how to write a review and you explained wonderfully.

I just. . . I just love this series so much. —–

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