I speak 4 languages (almost 5) and am still 20yo 😎

Because DC movies look soooooooo wonderful lmao

Essay writing service that can do anything!

Isn’t it kind of stupid to listen garbage.

Those wings aren’t clipped… they’re shredded!

One of my favorite books. This was the first book of Bradbury’s that I read but certainly not the last. Great summary btw!

You’re hopeless.

However there is no necessity to us that they live or die, except for their family. so then it is all relevant to the scenario and perspective you take to view it.

It’s really upsetting to see people comment all these mean and offensive things about Sam. Please stop hating on him. His talk actually helped be more happier with my own life. He was a positive guy with a great heart.

Jack is a highlighter

“great apes do indeed have human empathy”

Friday Barnes best book ever

My native Hungarian has so many cases I couldn’t even count. nominative: the subject; accusative: the object; genitive: possessive (mine; John’s); dative: the receiver (to him); instrumental-comitative: with something; causal-final: for someone (would you do it for me?); translative: turn into (e. g. stone); terminative: as far as something; superessive: on or above something (on the table / through); inessive: inside; illative: into; elative: out of; sublative: with respect to something; allative: similar to / compared to / onto; adessive: at / on / owing to / because of; ablative: moving away from.

He doesn’t speak like “everybody.” He doesn’t speak like “a family member.”

Is it not true, though, that Kant believed it is perfectly alright to kill murderers because they have forfeited their own dignity by killing another?

My teacher tells us to try not to say “This essay” why is that?

I’m sure I’m way behind the curve but is John brother of Hank?

O day, arise. The atoms are dancing. The souls are dancing, overcome with ecstacy. I’ll whiper in your ear where their dance is leading them. All the atoms in the air, all that seems chaotic or hopeless, look at them through eyes of reverence, devotion and grace. They are not as they seem. They are like a plant that has not yet flowered. They are like the moon when it is not full. You can’t yet see it’s magnificence. All that seem happy, who are present, who are recognizable, they have contemplated and found and became enamoured by the sun, of which nothing can be said.


But that is not what religion teaches – just cry some croc tears before God, apologize to God and you get to enjoy heaven? God helps cheat the victim?

Very nice explanation. Keep up

Fantastic series


Great job and very easy way of referencing billion thanks!


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