I had the honour of listening to this great scholar at the University Kansas in 2003 I believe. In my opinion, he is one of the few cultured scholars of our time but his political overtones I find are controversial and bias somewhat.

Micro exam went really well today! Thanks for the great videos.

Super duper coolio awesome fun times.

I never realized avatar looked this fake

>albanian before greek cause pelasgians

I think killing the young boy makes other three guilty and its an act of murder. First thing as said in the video that his consent or opinion was not involved. Second making them not guilty promotes act of murder as not being a crime. That is to say a homeless person with no food and money should not be guilty of murder to kill people in order to survive and feed himself. Just because they are in middle of ocean does not change the law. If Law start defining act to be just or unjust based on different situations it wouldn’t exist at the first place. Law is something enforced on the citizens of state and in no definition says it has to be moral.

Something tells me that this map kinda sucks… Not what I studied back in time

Same here – I also wanted to single handedly develop a AAA-Space-RTS-Game “Spacecraft” with 3 factions: the Derran, the Serg and the Brotoss – so I was searching for some Marine Models i wanted to implement into my game and the suddenly i stumble upon this crappy little Title by this pretentious indie dev “Blizzard” which COMPLETELY stole my idea and they called it “Starcraft” – thats so terrible…. well but at least i now have a super original new idea to develop a FPS called “Call of Duty”!!

Lol, including the bible in books that are necessary.

His shirt looks cool tbh

Excellent video, Stefan! Well thought out and easily understandable – even a sheeple can understand it if he wants to. Trouble is, no sheeple wants ANYONE to understand. Keep up the good work!

Buddha’s philosophy sounds strangely like Aristotle’s moral philosophy of virtue…

In addition, there are different ways for governments to control the means of production that lead to different outcomes. Both France and Egypt tend to intervene fairly frequently in how businesses are run. However in France those interventions tend to be less biased in favor of particular companies, more open to international competition, and not focused on ensuring particular individuals take over the company. In Egypt, these regulations tend to be a way for the government to reward cronies and punish dissenters. As such France is still able to maintain a rich first world economy (if less rich than less business-operations-intervening countries like Switzerland, Canada, or the United States) while Egpyt is mired in economic stagnation and poverty.

One of the best things, if not the best thing people can do for the environment right now is to go vegan

(South African studying at a Canadian Fashion school in the Istanbul campus)

I’m here cuz of ssundees hair cutting video

Is anyone else using this for musical chairs


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