Legally, can you take that $1 now $2′ and spend it, once taped, or is it a lost dollar(s)?

Video only shows half truth and is geared to impress western people. Upper caste people are more poor in present day India and actually weaker strength wise due to their less numbers in villages. Remember there is one man one vote and every politician today wants votes. Thus Muslims and lower caste people are pampered by politicians as they tend to vote en-bloc and make up more then 70 percent of population. Also upper caste people do not get any government benefits unlike others. Please watch this video. Sorry video does not have captions but still you will be able to get some of the true picture.

Ma invece di fare tutto sto casino, non poteva semplicemente prendere il secondo pacco dal nastro per prima e posarlo sull’altro nastro e poi faceva la stessa cosa per gli altri? invece di metterli ogni volta a terra? ahahahah giochi per i pazziiii XD

Почему нет записи на русском языке? очень обидно..

What is SO wrong about caring about the correct usage of a word? It is pretentious and annoying to correct every single mistake but for fuck’s sake can people just use the right form of words like your and you’re or there, their, and they’re. Is it SO hard to spell a word correctly? Most browsers have spell check and grammar check. Pay attention in English class.

You just got Voxed! or cucked, or, you are an idiot for giving this any credit, and I am one for being mad about it.

Looks ermmmm… okay

Why is this nutbag still alive while hitch died so young? Surely God exists, and has a wicked sense of humor

You are a great public speaker. You did something great that emphasises the fact that you are a great public speaker: letting the audience participate.

It makes a lot of sense. We are more civilised now and seem more normal compared to 100 years ago because of laws and education. Just because people seem more civilised now and the world seems more cilvilsed now compared to when slavery was legal doesn’t mean the mentality of the people who enforced slavery are more Civilised. The families who profit from war etc…… It makes sense that freeing a slave would make them more productive. There are definitely hidden hands at work behind the scenes who somewhat control certain global events in order to make a profit. I. e wars and economic collapse. Just think In an economic collapse the majority of people get poorer while the rich get richer. I 100 percent believe wars and economic collapses are controlled. Anything with a financial gain to be made will almost certainly be exploited to those with the most power. It won’t be long until food and water become complete ownership of the power people and growing your own food with your own seeds will be illegal. It starts in Africa and will move to the rest of the world just a matter of time. Not if but when

Awwwwwwwwwww hehehe

Presumably because of the fear of finding elements of pathology,

You are a star! Thank you!!!!

“I doubt thug even cares” is exactly what i was thinking since 0:00.

“cry into the wilderness”…v nice [ words with a certain joie de vivre shall we say]

Poetry vs Ignorance. An interesting fight my friend, keep it up!

Ironic that this video has adverts..

Better bars than drake

Plants also feel pain and stress in recent studies, and in recent studies fish dont feel pain its just instinct so fish are souless creators.


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