I want to learn english pls someone help me

Indeed He is the One Who is capable to bring anyone to his/her previous condition.

Planetary Annihilation

I have never felt hated by any other president except “Obama” For 8 years I have felt hated and everything I believe has been pooped on. I have felt the way this angry guy has for 8y. Except for the whole go F*&%K yourself.

Life saver!

Thankyou very much this was helpful!!

I have exam on 28/10/2017 so can you help me for writing i need your help

Mr. Clifford for president

We asian people will fuck you white people over. hahahaha.

Voluntary act or actus reus – is simply murder. In England murder is a

But there was no such thing as A homosexual.

But you would have to look at free will and consent. On the basis of human nature they want to survive they’re body tells them to survive = they have no free will, because to have free will you must be able to make an decision where you are able to take into account the full scenario and its consequences with a sound mind. Which they could not because of what we assume was mental instability because of dehydration and malnutrition. So…they had no free will. They did not ask for consent so neither the answer yes nor no was given to them. they acted on only half the information, They needed food, all their moral values are gone because of their mental instability and they’re lack of free will. As such they were morally justified by them selves.



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