To think that it’s possible to do a top ten list for novels is akin to thinking you can do a top ten list for best religions. Yes many of the works you guys showcased as the top ten were some of the greatest, but the list fell short because it failed to recognize what makes a novel great. You covered the societal impact of each novel, but failed to even mention how these works of art impacted the world of fiction. Take Dracula for example: Not only was it an amazing novel, but it has had a lasting affect on fiction. It introduced the world to what we recognize today as vampires. Without Bram Stoker, we would not have the modern vampire myth. Frankenstein was arguably the first work of science fiction. My point is, either stick to movies, or take the time to make a series out of this. It can’t be finished off with one list.

Fantastic video

Where are the close captions?

Martin Shkreli looks like Cat in the Hat.

How many kids do you want to suffer in this life… I mean, how many kids do you want to have?

Hopefully that provides insight into why we are grammar nazis instead of blatant assholes.

Nyc nd vry helpful video…

Vox is the only channel with good content

V well taught….Thnx dear…..

Is that the reading rainbow guy?!:O

Thanks sir

Large handwriting

After watching this video I realized this guy isn’t a douche. The media loves trashing him he’s actually a good guy.

Who is the sound guy fuck sake. Like -24dB.

Without Economy our world wide society would be guaranteed to collapse. With Economy we still have a (small) chance.

Never trust someone who uses Comic Sans 😉


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