Proverbs 21:2


Family member or friend??? He’s a shithead and a lying illiterate corrupt scumbag.

>> so unless the College Experience has radically changed in the past 20 years, my data about your generation’s times is still fairly relevant. But even if u guys are totally different, I still have the other data.

I see nothing in Christianity to contradict ‘xibipiio’. A fundamental teaching of the faith is the kingdom of God breaking into an earthly reality now. All can begin to experience heaven now! ‘Thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. Everett’s theological understanding is clearly limited.


Without accent = new jersey

Is Mr. Clifford the Bill Nye of Economics?

Excellant videos….pls upload more videos related subject

Anybody else pucture the “dog” as a robot spider? Cuz that was my favorite mental image.

This helps me fall asleep

Explained one chapter in four minutes. Thank u!

Szechuan Sauce, that’s what Rick cares about

So this means Indians, Chinese, Japanese and/or people from ethnicities that don’t use English as the primary language are mostly on a huge advantage.

Is this supposed to help???!

What a guy. Thank you so much

They don’t want to make it ugly( that’s my opinion)

I’m not pleased with this video. Maybe you should work on your speaking before heading to next video.

The Brits conquered New Zealand in the late 1700-1800s, vaguely after the New York settlements. The accent here has no Hyooj, the R’s are very dropped, nonexistent a lot of the time, with the “catch” present and no release. It’s also non-rhotic.

U know it’s me kid

This is supreme commander!


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