Let’s put our critical thinking in motion: We have curving in stone of people hunting mammoths like 13.000 years old, BUT The Indo Europeans this great people that we HAVEN’T found some evidence of existence (NO writings NO carvings in stone NO city) just Migrated in the Europe and create nations and all the languitces xxmmmm Lets see what ISOKRATIS (436 B. C. – 338 B. C) said abut the Indigenus HELLENIC people : Becuse we leave in this cuntry not by forcing other people to leave or finding it deserted or as settlers with Mixed group with difrent Dissimilar sexes…On the contrary Our genus is genuine and Noble that in this country that we see the first light We are still constantly live in, Because we are indigenous And only we of all the others We have the right to call our city whith The same words Through which we have proclaimed the most known relatives.

But marvel movies appeal very realistic to eyes not over saturated..

LOL. You losers are so sad, everything you depicted in this vid has been standard political interview techniques for decades… used by all political parties…

The belt is awesome!

I LOVE your video’s. I truly do! It helps me so much but could you please slow down speaking? I keep replaying it but if it is possible, please. Thank you!

Plz post next video of this series ie part 2 economics in Hindi. /\


“it would be straight up remiss of yo bitch ass” – Wisecrack 2013 :’)

I speak Danish, English, Spanish and German. I never had any goals about learning a lot of languages. It’s just something that kinda happened to me lol.

I overcome anorexia, I work more than 12 hours to always thrive for the best in it and I still workout to up my lift and increase overall athleticism, I do it whatever the odds. Yet I still thing I’m an ugly trash piece of shit and sometimes need to scar myself so yeah it’s not because you believe you can achiever some things whatever the odds that you are self-confident, in fact the default of selfconfidence might make you think that you must prevail against the odds cause pain and hardwork are the only things that make you alive.

So anyone who’s fluent in French would like to learn Mandarin?

I liked your style in the presentation thanks sir

80 on my wrist

I was thinking he’d be a cool dude to hang out with when I was watching the video

John Goldberg. If there was no ‘free market’, he wouldnt need to sell any book or tell anything.


That was so cool


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