Well said. I cound not agree with you more.

1. The terrible background music that didn’t fit the normal epicness to your videos

WTF Space RTS + Normal Land RTS, for the first time I see this kind of game, looks nice, I am glad that people everyday are coming with new ideas and pursue them, so everyone else who is interested can have a good time.

Wait hol up if u tried to make a new real number in between 0-1 with the decimal adding method wouldnt that number already be in the list

Wtf is up with the sound in the beginning?

Where was this video published

The hell? Leo’s Crio was so off and we switched between english and crio too often

This is an overreaction… classes these days aren’t that clean.

I’m putting these videos on my ipad so i can brainwash myself later

OMFG THEY WHERE RIGHT. It they where off one year cause in 2017 we are ruled by a 4 year old

Hey, I know you really want to read these comments because you’d rather do anything else but study. But take a quick second to think about why you put on this music. So you can study. You need to study to get that mark. This test/exam could be the very thing that makes it or breaks it for you. You know where you want to go in life. You just need that push from someone. I get it. But you have to remember that no one will benefit from your success but you. I know there are many people who don’t believe you could be something big in life. They are the people you need to prove wrong. And the first step is to study for this test / exam. This could be the very mark to bring your grade up to the average you want. Minimize the screen. Pick up your pencil. Open your book. And read your notes. You can do it.

This game looks awesome.

Micro verses Macro i turn up no homo

Hey there!

Your voice = Donald Trump

Um thanks for putting this in my reccomendations YouTube…I guess

Ahhhhh, I actually really enjoyed this video!

Ok, if you move up once on the sphere, why is that different than moving right, up, left?

I mean as in they still don’t make a change to kill anything but just to show that the humans are trying to fight back.

“he got it from an aids bar” really Button the bar gave him aids? lol

The other thing is to get what you want but allow the other guy to save face. That’s extremely important if you have to interact with them again or they’re providing you a service.


Charlamagne is a fucking idiot



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