“The reason is because students today are FAR more narcissistic, FAR less literate and FAR more addicted to useless infotainment fluff than ever before.”

This is, like, golden’s gold. I feel like owing you something at least as precious that statement was precious to me.

Really no Jurassic Park but you have Harry Potter, sigh.

Don’t mind me, I’m just practicing my cynical philosophy.

Lao Tzu sounds so cute…. hahaha

I really like your lessons, I wish you could do more lessons other than ILETS ones.

Thanks for the review. You look identical to mark cuban which makes this video even cooler

This is really good and special to me. Not just because I’m writing a story, but it, you know, motivates me. Thx dude ^_-.


I was brought here by a friend. I’m not disappointed.

And they have the nerve to judge everyone else, look at how degenerate these hindus are. Drink cow piss, make soap out of its shit and then to top it off senseless racism.


You still have cases in English. who-whom, he-him-his, she-her

Dude honestly thank you so much for making these videos I really wish more teachers were as good as you, really appreciate your enthusiasm for your subject and how fun you try to make it 🙂 really helps a lot thank you dude

“Warzone 2100” ?

This is good literature v=JnszZt8mYDw

I must have respect for this action of yours. To bring the light of eastern wisdom. It has made my life easier without having to more but change my worldview. Thanks.

Given that I can’t stand this guy’s manner of speech for more than five minutes, I’d guess there’s something wrong with his method altogether

That organization is the key to keeping track of scientific phenomena and the correlations/relationships in between. We make such great progress with science and technology not only because of the great intelligence, but because it is categorized and communicated in a way which remains as consistent as practically possible through time.

An excellent disc riptide of why we read. He allow US to realize why we read. The complexity of language is the result of humans desire to feel different and to be someone else. It is a way he escape from a simple world


Clockwork orange

Fucking dickheads

This is hip-hop.


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