You are an amazing teacher.

Very intelligent person

I have to write a 3 three page essay about why my high school is amazing (this was literally the teacher’s assignment, real modest, huh?) and I still need to work on another project that is 2 or 3 more pages that may take a while on each. It’s a class newspaper. This’ll definetly help me focus. Thank you soo much!

What was that “you misread Nietzsche”? That’s not good.

You can’t be a serious individual to bring your comment in public. YOU ARE A SAD SAMPLE OF A PROFESSIONAL WORKING FOR THE DEMISE OF SOCIETY’S EVOLUTION. “Donald Trump teaches us about linguistics”???????…….. are you kidding?


Damn the matrix movie, a prophetic warning. Im so scared!! I had to pause and walk it off. Most of my family jobs are described here, all would lose their jobs. What are people going to do for a living? What’s going to give us purpose???? People say that the unemployed majority will get a living welfare, but why would you trust gov to do the right thing??? Why would the rich agree to pay if they are the ones with power, owners of the bots and money?? Do you trust theses people to do the right thing?? I don’t think so. This is the break down of our society and financial/labor system, which most likely mean riots/ war. The rich would go into hiding and just allows us to destroy ourselves in the process of war. With less people less problems. Just scary. The rich are building luxury bunkers just look it up here on youtube.

Ur like papyrus

My first exam is 14 days away, I’m terrified 😭😭😭

There is also a consideration for individual morality as well. Why is it that those who were in concentration camps during the holocaust did not engage in cannibalism though they were clearly all starving to death? Is it because they all believed on the Hebrew God of their people who considers such acts as sin?

At least a robot cant take your place if your retired. Or can they?


I love this

Nice, that’s so important

Think about it, you have the freedom to forge your own destiny, your own meaning, or would you rather have your destiny prescribed to you by an all powerful deity you may, or may not, agree with?

Robots are not the problem. The problem is that the extra profit created by robots will inevitably go only into the pockets of a small group of people.

Ma che cazzate…

I’m studying musicology right now


Being transgender is a mental health issue because people want to change themselves using hormones and stuff. My best friend growing up is a trans-female and she wants to become a female. It becomes an ilness as soon as you have to treat it.

Yes of course your English grammar isn’t very hard but it has many accents it is very bad.

Production πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ shi hai

Or look at how you and your friends differ. Some girls like sports, whilst others like ballet, some girls like guys, whilst others like girls. See what i mean?


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