C. – the lowest rate of unemployment that economy can sustain over a long period.

You look like Avril Lavigne by the way. 😅😅😅

Please continue!!!

This is one of the best things I have ever watched in my life!

The priest in this video openly supports caste syastem and these manuwadis talk about equality then in the name of reservations

Things must be pretty slow at Paddy’s Pub….

Name Of the piece on 22:45??? Anyone Please!!!!

Hello! does anybody want to help me improve my speaking English? i’ll glad to get any responce from you

Thank you for sharing your professional thoughts! This was very insightful and we are happy to have you as part of the mission to help bring human back into human resources as well as fun into the workplace!

The syntax of High Valerian is also akin to Japanese with its SOV order 🙂

This douche

Ayyyy que recuerdos de little inferno….

I like adrien and mr clifford. i can process things in my head with crash course now.

Also, this is just my opinion, and I might be wrong

I feel you’re completely wrong in that statement. We shouldn’t go to college just to get a degree so we can get a job– college is about learning and experiencing way to further expand your mind.

Beast mode

Whoever makes these videos obviously has no concept of how real social justice theory works.

Am I the only 7th grader who is learning this in school xD

And grammar

I think the most touching quote to me was near the end although they all hit me deep.

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I have final exams on this book tomorrow and i havnt read it.. any suggestions?


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