What I got from this is that Maggie Stiefvater seems to love death. LOL.

Am i the only person that notices Jacob has an acdc belt?

I am soon taking an English test this will be so useful

I do get off my ass/arse.

Can IB students benefit from this pack?

Very much appreciate the efforts

Thank you this really helps my exam is on monday and watching all these videos and mice and men really help.. im also doing women in black so could i also add these tips to it aswell

If we accept that, democracy is dead! it quite often happens that only a minority really knows what would be the best for a country, but inspite of knowing that we have to accept what the majority decides, we have to accept the outcome of elections!

This really helped clear some aspects of English for me! Merci beacoup le professeur

Thanks 😀

The American R is a huge feature in Irish English and Irish Gaelic

Do you want to know true life that actually makes sense? Perhaps another perspective of religion and evolution? Perhaps you’re tired of this chaotic world and wanna help out? Then read this book at truthcontest*com


Yeah for the Doctor Who reference

I can’t even stand that woman’s voice. I’d rather listen to Sarah Palin all day, at least Palin is just a moron, she’s not quite as evil.

I like your videos but about this one you are so wrong about the iranian revoulution.

Por favor la traduccion al español

Both are murder inaction is a horrible thing murder is worse

He is amazing, inspiring and awweesssoommeee…

I like adam better

Perfectly inelastic = Olbamacare


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