Hi! I would like to have a example of Theoretical Framework so I could have it as a guide. Is there a chance so you can please provide me one? Im desperate!!! Thanks!

Does each sentence of each paragraph start with the first reason or the second reason?

Mb this bird is smart, but he looks really unhealthy and uncomfortable. i don’t like that. he seems to be lonely because for me it appears that he is yanking out his feathers.

Emperor of China request a wish to be granted

Potential employee’s response “Read my CV Bitch!!! that will tell you everything you want to know.

Ii. make certain tha the reader is in no doubt what the idea is. Be 100% explicit


Mohammad Mosaddegh party wasnt communist, but a nationalistic hero who’s party called the National Front

I respect u brother. Big time

Small = you are bored or like the subject.

Does this remind anyone of Harrison Bergeron?

That stupid priest (4:44) who called himself a scholar (of shit) should know that if its feet gets cut off, he won’t be able to stand, so Mr Priest, the feet are the most important part of our body – RESPECT THEM like Lord Krishna did by touching Sudama’s feet to greet him. Even in our culture we touch FEET to give respect; so learn something= respect them, they are HARIJAN – people who are close to God’s heart. Stupid ignorant priest

Why? Because it costs more money and time. They could care less what the editors do in post production. They’re in the film business to make large amounts of profit not to make art-house films.

…And how to accept yourself? That’s where we get to something deeper and more meaningful than what this talk had to offer. A much more difficult task, you cannot love someone on command.

My fourth grade nephew speaks more eloquently than this idiot.

There are some good explanations of depression in this programme. I feel for the people who suffer this condition, but envy there manic phases. If you don’t understand depression and want to because a friend, colleague or relative suffers, then take note. The descriptions of how it feels are true, but don’t underestimated just how all encompassing the deep feelings of despair are.

Earned my instant like and my respect

This video is a work of art

Alex was one intelligent bird and it’s amazing how creatures so small of us can have such amazing intelligence It’s sad though he died He would have lived a lot longer if his body didn’t give in at that age R. I.P


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