Kinsey worked with paedophiles, and was a masochistic psycho who mutilated his own penis and died shortly after.

I can speak 5 languages ( French English German arabic and korean ) and I can understand some Italian

I agree 🙂

I love Foucault he is my favorite philosopher!

This is fucking stupid

Http:// Hi Ben, thanks for recording the video. I run a recruitment company in Poland and i find that many new recruits into the recruitment industry can in fact use this as a stepping stone to moving into an internal HR role.

I lost 450 ETH in jaxx wallet

Gud 1


Lol of course if you dont criticise nothing can improve.

“How do you know…”

Ur teaching is awsm…

You should mention butterfly from digable planets and Shabaka palaces next time you talk about styles

I jeezzz all over da farms…

“Speaks like everybody else”

Brilliant introduction, as always.


Listen to the first verse of “vegas” i think this takes internal rhyming to a whole other level

That’s easy to explain: we are germans and we are doing german Let’s Plays in our channel normally. I am sorry for you, but you can have a look on the game at least, if our chatter annoys you, just turn the volume down;-P

He said Snape is a villain…… :'( . Totally wrong!!!

He speaks like a family member, you know like that crazy uncle that nobody wants to talk about.

Please make a video on Producers Equilibrium! I don’t know I’m not able to understand what’s important in that chapter.

Https:// v=oiCnrn6LkUo


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