– Sonata 03 in C Op.2,3 – III – Scherzo Allegro

You’re right, that does happen a lot.

My parents told me they toyed with the idea of teaching me the wrong names of things, like calling a table a “chair,” a window a “door,” and so on. Would have made for some pretty interesting (and hilariously confusing) conversations.


Game Theory

But your gonna die so what’s the point of education

Wait, wait, wait, Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood shouldn’t even be in here. As fun as I found that movie when it came out(don’t judge – I was 15), he didn’t even frigging try. I was really disappointed.

I’m not even American but good lord Obama is a great guy

Suggestion 1. 0:20 im screwed

Wtf is this guy doing on The Breakfast Club?

Thank you for your presentation, well clear.

I keep trying do tell people how much of a true genius young thug is in this rap game

Now i know how jona hill would sound if he had a southern accent 😀

On the road – Kerouac

Your List:

Gl tomorrow ppl 😀

Isn’t it in her name? Con Way.

Is there any website we can submit oy=ur writing to give back some feedback about it?

He seemed nervous. Mistakes in narration even after reading things and narrating. But good initiative, helpful one

Nice Video & Useful Information..

Great! Static Electricity is very Interesting.


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