Hermann Hesse!

Fair enough.

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Good video but you might want to slow down a bit. U are almost rapping

This exercice unfortunately doesn’t involve some interesting new, ‘queer’ way of assessing reality and culture though,

1) Try to speak without knowing what the words look like first. Listen -> speak -> read -> write. Most ppl do this listen -> read -> speak -> write. It is unnatural.

Peace ✌️x

Someone should hook her up on a Lie detector while doing an interview. HAHAH I can just imagine how when she replies the interview the Lie detector man is like “lie lie lie lie lie”

Dennis reynolds

I’m from Venezuela T. T


Hablar de tu puta madre…..cobarde de mierda

That was gr8 thanks!

This only makes me support the destruction of humanity even more


I’m here to support you x btw, it’s me cactusqueeni on Ig! I drew you! I just wanted to say that whatever happens, whatever decision you come to, we’ll support you no matter what!

The invisible hand of the free market? that is not what the invisble hand means in the wealth of nations. It;’s baffling why people use this idea in a waay that has nothing to do with adam smith. please educate yourself in economics!

The Jesuit school may have taught some to label Jews Kikes – or the propensity of its pupils to strike a young boy named Noam because he was Jewish may have come from elsewhere than from the teachers. The Yeshiva may have taught some to label non-Jews Goyim va Minim.

30 min before test… Leghooooo


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