I want my report to be a chewing gum, elastic as rubber.

Alternative Facts: A fact is an observation. Therefore an alternative fact is an alternative observation.

1: suffer from being rejected by a couple of women

Economies of Scale

Alot of people talking about Joss Fong makes me feel like I am in a “4chan” or “gag” website. Sure she is beautiful but come on..

(it’s) on dog = kutyán / eben (superessive)

For the 1st time ever the ultimate Truth of Life has been revealed, it explains for the 1st time ever the big picture of life, it explains how life works, the nature of everything and contains your. Google

I’m not clear about the lower opportunity cost.. Could you explain please?

Lost credit right at the start.

Enjoy the presentation, thanks producer.

Jennifer Sclafani, “many people say” is NOT the sign of a serious empirical study; You don’ need a PhD to notice that Trump starts and finishes many of his lies with “‘believe me”

It´s the niggers fault

Soe mutsch heiyte

Half chinese? I know my new type

Mtlb India ke log Jo non resident h WO isme include nhi hoga??

School can also kill self esteem.


Her laugh. I love it, makes me laugh. Jesus Christ.

So either we fuse ourselves with machines or get replaced.



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