This would have been helpful to watch before my FOREX unit test last week…


Oh, and I don’t agree with Plato on this! Myths, like Karen Armstrong so eloquently stated, are always true.

Google:Erős Cecilia emlékére

Interesting perspective, but consider this: the history of scientific progress is defined by people overcoming challenges of society. And those challenges were a whole hell of a lot more than clothing that made them emotionally uncomfortable. If somebody can be so offended by some images on a shirt doesn’t that mean that something is wrong with them? Are the rest of us supposed walk on egg shells for fear of making them upset? And why is accidental offence an excuse to say overtly offensive things like accusing someone of being a bigot? The fact that an article of clothing was able to eclipse the single most impressive feat of human space exploration in decades is down right shameful.

Outstanding, thank you.

HR is affirmative action for women.

(*) Beyond the usual brain warping, I mean.

Why economy take long time to reach to equilibrium? I don’t get it. Please help^^

Huh…this is why I love spanish as my mother tongue. No weird sounds at all 😀

I mean goddammit, this is so darn cool 🙌. Bless you, sir! Like, sincerely thanks


Please, tell me why.

The caste system is related to karma. They believe that people born in lower castes have a bad karma. It’s their karma to do shitty jobs and grow up in poor conditions.

Hey!! i m janvi..

I enjoy your videos!


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