I love the part where he said ” We are not apart from nature, we are a part of nature! If you destroy nature you destroy us, If you save nature you save us!” That is just so true if we kill nature we are basically killing our kind and we dont care about what we are doing because it wont really affect us now but later in future generations it will hurt them so bad that the human kind might go extinct. And who cares about what donald trump said or that the a new logan paul video is up, that doesnt matter we need to save this planet together! Not start wars and get mad about people because they are a differnt race or crap like that. Long story short WE need to help to save our planet now before it is too late.

Why havent you done more videos like this?

Wow! When people think life is difficult, Sam can teach everyone a lesson. Incredible video and story.

2015 and this world is still so incredibly brainwashed. We are just scared children, and not very bright ones. Why else would we run around believing in fairy tales? Its mind-boggling.

Man you’re awesome* hats off to you, may God give you the courage to continue your journey”peace”

This helped me so much, thank you..

I always wondered about why some of those Marvel movies just were meh looking.

Very helpful! love the real world applications!

Why is the standard deviation for a coin flip 100% ?

Hahahha I’ve got eye contact problems. I’ve got a piercing gaze, it’s like 95/5, quite intense jaja, I just break eye contact while thinking “look away, you seem to be a serial killer”

If one hasn’t got a “proper framework” (and young students are not suppoed to have it unless cleared as having such by their professors), though one should be willing to ask if it is the right one (but that is safest to leave to professors) the internet can harm more than help (so let’s replace educational freedom with doctrine)

Thank you very much sir. its really useful for me who always bored in HRM subj in MBA class.

I love how Blitz knows these games I never heard about, helps a lot

This little clip is about all of THIS sort of thing that is in there. The actual video is about lost language and the knowledge that could be lost. IT’s really easy to follow and has very interesting info on linguistics and practices.

Sure. This bit is about Kellyanne Conway and her tactics. Lately you should see how Gorka is doing. The fact is it’s about refusing to feed the trolls and the left-leaning media is absolutely being a troll against this administration. The attacks on Trump are so far over the top that it should be plainly obvious that if these tactics were used against Obama the outrage would have resulted in prison time for many behind it. Let’s not kid ourselves on this at all.


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