Lol. The Putinbots are really desperate here w/ the dislikes.

Great decision

This kind of music, never keeps me focused. Idk why, but i listen to metal instead.

From London

Pronounciation of the polish example is weird, like it was spoken by someone who isn’t Polish, just by a learner.

Sir really ur so intelligent nd mind blwng spcly ur explaination


Yogs slam is can destroy any one in a twenty meater radiuse it’s ment to kill players rather than break buildings and also yog has the best move ment as he can float up the side of cliffs

3:49, lol rick has 3 hands

The Puritans were fully communist from 1620 to 1623. After converting back to a market type of system they began to thrive.

Agriculture enabled civilisation reducing the need for hunters, and machines enabled globalisation by reducing the need for laborers. Likewise, true automation will enable us to focus on rather than merely sustaining ourselves. We’ll lose our jobs, but gain more freedom than we’ve ever had before.

Little inferno¡¡¡

What did the librarian say to the child

My work was taken as a sample of my year group, and the examiner told the school that my work was really really good and he was very impressed!

It’s a real life duplication glitch

Thanks a lot

Napoleon Dynamite can tell which farmer produced the milk…

Try project y on Google play store. Although on mobile it’s hardly lacking anything

Thanks for understanding

I came here 2 days before he started this and from this series i got addicted to his channel

Imagine looking at this without knowing English

P p


Being self sufficiant is bad… people really are stupid arn’t you?

Is john green a whovain????


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