Hero needs a Mottif, and A Hero is one who thinks about others first and about him last.

So you would rather use dcus visual that everything looks like darkness

It is sooooo true

The sad part is, we watch this video realizing and understanding that we’re slaves but then go on and continue tomorrow and the rest of our lives AS SLAVES. Making this truthful video useless. No one does anything about it. -__-

He looks like a black pep guardiola

The first Russian accent is horrible)) Fake Russian is totally Scottish here=)) Close to Glaswegian even=)) To me, I\m Russian whose subject was finance, not languages== Russians who do have a strong Russian accent (as well as the others with a Slavic accent BTW if you don`t go into the details much, trying to find a difference between Ukranian\Russian\Bulgarian|Macedonian English) speak differently! Malkovich is amazing though, except for still rolling his R)) But besides it`s amazing, maybe he picked up something from his Serbo-Croatian grandparents!))

Alex died because of stress. That’s also why he didn’t have half of his feathers

They all look great to me

Spellforce Dungeon Keeper Battle Realms Blietzkrieg Cossaks

Understood. My daughter is creative, artistic, private, introvert and imaginative, and that’s true! WELL DONE!

There are 2 things I LOVE about the German language (as a native speaker):

The “for you phrase” was incorrectly explained…because the you at the end of that sentence serves as the object of the preposition… not an indirect object…if you wanna do this as an indirect object… shuffle the sentence.. as what you did..

Love bhuddha be one with him

SPOILER: number 15 is sad because the lycrics are stateing about the 9/11 attack

+The School of Life I love these short vids and would really like to see one on Gilles Deleuze!

Why do they keep bringing her on their programs… Because of ratings. And who do you think owns the media? The billionaires!!

What about charity? No… that is demeaning in a modern economy…


Harvard must take their share of responsibility for undermining the moral fabric of this planet. So many moral failings by their graduates and from this lecture we can see why. The speaker is clearly biased in favor of making decisions to harm people with his justification of it being for the greater good. A clear relationship exists between this type of thinking and the illegal war profiteering going on, the false war on drugs, terror and the prison industrial complex. I assume he asks them all to raise their hands so that the ones who will happily act immorally can be identified and be offered jobs in politics, banking, pharma and the other immoral institutions we have created that justify doing harm in these spurious ways. Very clever Harvard. Now explain your conflicts of interest.

District that contained a zoo. Engels claimed that Lafargue had

Of dog = kutyának a / ebnek a (genitive)


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