0:27 That. Was. Amazing @_@

I wonder if his son would’ve taken the language up fully if he was surrounded by Klingon speakers?

Secondly, whats with dealing with all the moral issues as part of school? I’m here to learn facts, not to debate the morality of mankind

Also Chomsky > [watch? v=YIpJQEcXP7A&feature=related] hehe

The only sounds Beethoven could listen to were the mysterious thoughts in his head..

@DimebagVision But your whole claim is that professors are inaccessible and do not “help the students enough.” If “the small percentage standard is objective, if a professor does not reach it, does that mean they weren’t doing enough for the students? What about subjects like Math, where very few will become interested and most are taking it to eliminate some general studies requirements? If your standard is subjective (it is), how can you criticize?

Hi! sir I want a vedio on PPC only where we can distinction between PPC and what to produce, PPCand how much to produce, PPC and from where to produce pls sir reply

And i’m using my moms account

“Modern liberalism”

Do you have a video on the HRM Functions?

Yes, but he has the body language of a 14 year old bully so he has that gong for him.

Because he wouldn’t be able to clarify much about this specific people, the Eskimos,


Tryna get dat ol’!

Verpiss dich Kanacker

We south Indian people are little bit poor in understanding Hindi. so please try to post videos with subtitles or try to speak completely in English. thankyou

Interior more import rstokb subsequent ally page curve really ceremony sponsor.

Batman is kind of really sick in the brain and sadistic. I say that because Batman I still one to beat people up so badly that they end up totally crippled for life, but still won’t kill. Lastly, I strongly believe that Batmans morals ultimately come from a place of total selfishness. He’s not doing people favours by not killing them. He’s too afraid of stepping over that line, for his own fragile personality…;)

I want a million dollars given to me?

I made a video on Artificial Machines once.

I am MBA student. sir you taught so well. Easy to understand. Nice work sir.

I did it twice and i am 16-21 and 55+


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