No seriously please I’d love it

I don’t understant, what will happen practically if wee get so called “freedom”

Es una clase de spinn off de little infernou

Don’t use there is. But then at 5:00 she herself used it.. This is “very” confusing and I “don’t” understand it.

If you voted for Hillary or Trump. Do us all a favor and eat a bowl of aspirin.

Some very good information. Thank for taking the time to go over it.

I love this! it is so true. There are so many great books out there that are not widely read.

Thanks for uploading so knowledgeable video

You can’t beat physics, you can only study it.

Thanks it helps me to grawup abilities for writing an essay

This is great, thanks!

Any one like help me in English?

She never talks about her education

I understand why those “lets tear this country apart and use it’s resources” type of Western powers prefer having a sharia ruled country filled with ignorant hate-filled people as opposed to a secular country with educated people.

Thanks sir bht achha lga hr ek bat ko bht achhe trike se smjhana very nice sir

Good looking pretty


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