Turns out it only adds to needless suffering.

Good job!

Mr. Fisher brought me here

What about Crime and Punishment? Such a wonderful book!!

They didn’t realease ANYTHING about this game just the trailer, gimmie your money, bye.

An interesting academic course

You don’t sacrifice the message at all in that time.

A good trick for a false ideologues, It would greatly benefit Judith and Homophobes exemption from scientific criticisms.


Why am I even studying, my college doesn’t validate this course

Don’t be such a pessimist – times are changing.


Watch Hitler’s speeches and you’ll understand what trump is the hand gestures grandiose adjectives I alone can fix everything if you tell a lie make it a big one and own it and keep repeating it the idiots will accept it

@12:24 “…if I put a gun to your head and I live in DA HOOD”…so only residents of the inner city are gun-toting violence driven people? You’ve never heard of people in offices using guns or folks in the suburbs? Damn Tony!



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