How to improve my skills in accounting? hope to hear from you Sir,

Leave the orthodox thinking.

I wanna practice British accent but it’s too hard for me to find a buddy to practice.. Maybe too shy? So afraid to make mistakes…

Rick and morty is soo perfect

Enjoyed the video! Hope it helps destroy that catch-phrase “trickle-down economics.”


Yeh. He sounds like my drunk grandfather.

I’m focused more on her than on the video’s content. Nonetheless, I learned.


The music is too loud and distracting. At one point it sounded like someone in the background was building a shed. A counter-productive soundtrack.

There is not love of life without despair about life.

What’s he doing for black lives matter? lol what’s black lives matter doing for black lives is a better question.

Stick to your own damn subjects people!!!

The clue is ‘you can’t escape intertextuality’. it’s inevitable, and it’s always is. hey nerdwriter bring Derrida out!

Oml he is so calm wtheck I’m here in 2017 just finished watching pinstripe on his chanel and wtheck it’s so much different XD

There’s far more than just religious separation dividing us.


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