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Thanks a lot Liz, amazing lecture.

Our voices before we sing.


A short kaptainkristian video but a kaptainkristian video nonetheless insta like

In fealty of the God-Emperor (our undying Lord) and by the Grace of the Golden Throne, I declare Exterminatus upon the Imperial World of Typhon Primaris.

Omg never been so early ur one of my top utubers ilysm eve hope you see this ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

Very nice lecture. I also agree on many tips which have been said. Being a Polyglot myself speaking 6 languages, I also try adapting my lifestyle towards Languages. I tend to choose a Language as the main target language everyday but still being flexible to practice and speak the others according to the situation. In case you would like to have a look at my multilingual channel where I speak about different topics in 6 languages, please have a look at it. Thanks a lot

Ok, so the description is life.

Please do a video dedicated just to of mice and men revision

Dutch sounds very funny for a german. Like satire or someone who just pronounces some consonats wrong all the time. Roken is dรถdelig is easy to understand but dรถdel means jerk and sounds so funny in german xD

Not having cases makes German and Russian harder, this video was of great help to consolidate the concept! Thanks!

OK but Frodo is a Hobbit not a human. So maybe I don’t have that in common with him.

When it comes to philosophy I like to look at everything from two perspectives. One of these is the big picture perspective, that everything is meaningless and nothing is here for any “reason”. This perspective of course over shadows the “smaller unimportant but still important to humans” perspective that we use to navigate our made up little world, were we try and cast meaning onto meaningless things in order to try and survive in an incomprehensible and meaningless universe.

Rose under Fire by Elizabeth Wein

Mainers, typically the ones who live in rural areas (myself included) drop the R’s, when we say “Mainer” it comes out “Mainah”


Examining changes in the his speech over time demonstrates a progressive and marked decline in the sophistication, choice of words and coherence. As a forensic psychiatrist and political psychologist I pay great attention to speech patterns. It is unlikely that he has deliberately decreased the sophistication and coherence of his speech and it is unlikely the change is the result of anxiety. By far the most likely cause is early onset dementia. Wilson, Roosevelt and Reagan also developed dementia in office. Congress, or VP Pence should insist Trump be evaluated.

10. Channel should be called BS Science =P

I cringe in these “interviews” where superior intellects are being asked the most inane fucking questions by mere mortals. Chomsky is gracious beyond the call of duty.



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