I think in the future, the state will own all the machines and means of production. The population would receive an allowance.

Talks about what’s humane, is a communists

I dont blame martin shkreli because everyone makes money in fact i actually quite like him his a good guy seriously

Thank you Mr. David Taylor for sharing your knowledge with us. i always have difficulty with thesis statement, but you explained in very simple way. keep it up 🙂

+Chris Wagner

What do you say?

Untouchability is taught to children when they are young in order to program their minds to accept the caste. All Indians are indoctrinated into their caste. This is why the Christ said “suffer the little children to come unto me”.

Furthermore. Time slows down for no one. I need to get my degree now, so that I can start paying back the ridiculous amount of debt im going to accumulate that has actually become a huge problem since youve been out of “university”. There is no “wait a while” when your graduate program only enrolls in the summer months, and you have 1 semster to jam in 6 required courses and a hundred observation hours…oh and did I mention the 60hrs a week I work…oh yeah, but Im entitled for wanting a break.

😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 I love the guy

And control the almost inevitable derailing before you killed anyone?

Philosophy is the mother of all science as it formulates the questions that need to be answear through science, agree?

It’s great that this is a video so anyone can hit the pause where they need. But I hope you are not going that fast in class.

Reminiscent of that time Yahtzee reviewed a game all in limericks, except it’s Doctor Suess rhyming and Kaptain Kristian.

DC = dark


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